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13144 Canadian Human Resource ManagementSchwind Das Wagar9th15.00
1330012 Years A Slavesolomon Northup5.00
127812015 Pocket Ontario OHQS Act and Regulations10.00
1125324 and Philosophy 10.00
13243500 Years of ResistanceGord Hill15.00
12357A Brief History of Ancient GreecePomeroy et al.2nd20.00
13250A Clockwork OrangeAnthony Burgess18.00
13472A Course in PhoneticsLadefoged7th15.00
12811A course in PhoneticsPeter Ladefoged7th30.00
13330A Course in PhoneticsLadefoged and Johnson7th50.00
12728A Guide To Project ManagementPMI5th70.00
13140A History of the Modern Middle EastWilliam Cleveland and Martin Bunton6th20.00
13441A Human VoyageKeenleyside35.00
11421A Human Voyage90.00
11516A Human VoyageKeenleyside & Lazenhy2nd100.00
13119A Human Voyage: Exploring Bio-AnthropologyAnne Keenleyside and Richard Lazenby1st30.00
13239A Journal of the Plague YearDaniel Defoe10.00
12409A Man for All SeasonsBolt15.00
13498A New Anthology of Canadian Literature in EnglishBennett and Brown20.00
11696A Presocratics ReaderCurd10.00
10610A Rumor of War10.00
12166A Short Course in AlicePearson30.00
10700A Small Place10.00
11120A Small Place10.00
13466A Streetcar Named DesireWilliams4.00
13249A Streetcar Named DesireTennessee Williams15.00
13284A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap BookChris Grey3rd25.00
13461A War to be WonMurray and Millett8.00
12738Abnormal Child and Adolescent PsychologyWicks-Nelson8th110.00
12717Aboriginal HistoryBurnett30.00
13302Aboriginal Self Government in CanadaYale Belanger15.00
12629Absentee Indians and Other PoemsBlaeser10.00
11918Adaptive Comanagement20.00
11977Adaptive Comanagement20.00
12724African In World HistoryGilbert3rd35.00
13152Alphabet CityJohnson5.00
12512Alt Intro to Biological AnthropologyMorks35.00
11921Alter Ego20.00
11925Alter Ego20.00
13514Alter Ego A1 French Tectbook and Cahier dactivites with 2 CDsAnie Berthet et al32.00
13437Alter Ego B1 packageDollez and Pons20.00
13454An Intro to InvertebratesMoore2nd30.00
13075An Introduction to Behavioural EcologyDavies et al.4th40.00
13115An Introduction to Management ScienceDavid Anderson35.00
13111An Introduction to the InvertebratesJanet Moore2nd20.00
13305Anatomy & Physiology the unity of form and functionSaladin120.00
13393Anatomy & Psychology: The Unity of Form and FunctionSaladin7th85.00
13060Anatomy and PhysiologySaladin6th65.00
12763Anatomy and PhysiologySaladri7th100.00
13233Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory ManualEric Wise50.00
13362Anatomy and Physiology: The Unity of Form and FunctionSaladin7th80.00
13357Anatomy and Physiology: The Unity of Form and FunctionSaladin7th180.00
13217And Then Theres ThisBill Wasik10.00
12823Angeline de MentbrunLaure Conan5.00
11528APA manualAPA6th15.00
11883Apollenius of RhodesHunter3.00
12466Archaeology EssentialsThames + Hudson2nd10.00
12378Archaeology EssentialsBahn3rd55.00
13059Archaeology EssentialsThames and Hudson2nd60.00
13160AreopagiticaJohn Milton3.00
13236AreopagiticaJohn Milton7.00
13013Arriba! Student manualEnrique Fiqueras3rd35.00
11119Asian Philosophy15.00
12729Auditing A Practical ApproachMoroney2nd120.00
12169AvanzandoSalazar, Avias, Iavega7th20.00
12315Bad SamaritansChang12.00
12327Barrons DATBarron2nd20.00
13108Basic Police PowersGino Arcaro4th25.00
13360Basic Police Powers Arrest and Search ProceduresGino Arcaro4th65.00
12265Basic StatisticsLind4th30.00
12488Basic Statistics for business and economicsLind3rd39.00
12605Behaviour Modification Pear9th60.00
13253Berlin Childhood around 1900Walter Benjamin8.00
13127Big Questions in Ecology and EvolutionThomas Sherrat and David Wilkinson25.00
11930Biochemistry 140.00
12805Biochemistry LaboratoryBoyer2nd40.00
10729Biochemistry: The Molecular Basis of Life75.00
12251BioChemistry: The Molecular Basis of LifeMckee5th100.00
12382Biochemistry:Concepts and ConnectionsAppling1st60.00
12465Biological AnthropologyMarks10.00
12384Biological AnthropologyMarks40.00
12486Biological AnthropologyMarks40.00
13081BiologyCampbell and Reece5th49.00
10859Biomedical EthicsJohanna Fisher20.00
11213Biomedical Ethics45.00
11434Biomedical EthicsFisher2nd70.00
11416Blackburn "Truth"Simon Blackburn20.00
12837Blog TheoryDean5.75
11654Boethius The Consolation of Philosophy5.00
13497Born at the Right Time Owram25.00
12802Brock Biology of MicroorganismsMadigan14th150.00
13495Building Management Skills an Action First ApproachDraft100.00
12644Building Strong BrandingAaker20.00
12668Building Strong BrandsAaker20.00
13192Building Strong BrandsDavid Aaker20.00
12768Buisness Research MethodsBrymanCanadian30.00
12430Business CommunicationGuffey5th5.00
13155Business Law in CanadaRichard Yates20.00
13182Business Research MethodsAlan Bryman and Emma Bell3rd30.00
94Business Research MethodsAlan Bryman and Emma Bell110.00
12161By the PeopleMorone2nd60.00
13019Calculation of Drug DosagesOgden and Flubarty9th10.00
13235Calculations of Drug DossageOgden10th70.00
13214CalculusJon Rogawski2nd70.00
13270Calculus with Application Lial et al10th50.00
12674Calculus with ApplicationsGreenwell9th25.00
12844Campbell BiologyReece9th60.00
12845Campbell BiologyReece9th60.00
12415Campbell BiologyReece9th80.00
11992Canada 196015.00
11166Canada the state of the federation 201010.00
11244Canada the state of the federation 201015.00
13208Canadas Resource Economy in TransitionMichael Howlett and Keith Brownsey11th25.00
13219Canadian Criminology Today: Theories and ApplicationFrank Schmalleger5th80.00
13051Canadian Culture: An Introductory ReaderElspeth Cameron3.00
10705Canadian Families Today: New Perspectives60.00
13078Canadian Income TaxationBuckwold and Kitunen2016-201750.00
11815Canadian Justice System: An OverviewPaul Atkinson1st20.00
13090Canadian MedicareDuckett and Peetoom20.00
13135Canadian MedicareDuckett and Peetoom40.00
13114Canadian Organizational BehaviourSandra Steen30.00
11382Canadian Oxford World ArtsStandford30.00
13483Canadian World AtlasStanford6th25.00
13203Case Studies in ImmunologyRaif Geha6th30.00
10042Catcaclysm: The First World War as Political Tradegy40.00
13508Changing Families Relationships in ContextAnne Marie Ambert3rd10.00
12848ChemistryTro, Fridgen, ShawCanadian90.00
13429Chemistry (CA Edition) A Molecular ApproachTro, Fridgen and Shaw201460.00
13491Chemistry A molecular approach 2nd Canadian EditionNivaldo J2nd120.00
12331Chemistry: A Molecular ApproachGilbert2nd45.00
12761Chemistry: A Molecular ApproachJitro2nd85.00
13382Chemistry: A Molecular ApproachNivaldo2nd100.00
12835Chez NousValdman2nd5.75
12293Chez NousValdmal2nd50.00
12296Chez Nous ManualScullen2nd10.00
12258Chez Nous WorkbookScullen2nd20.00
11424Chinese for Tomorrow Watnette, Delajiao, Xiao50.00
13210Chinese for Tomorrow Wayne He and Dela Jiao50.00
13109Chinese for Tomorrow TextbookWayne He60.00
13358Chronic Illness in CanadaKramer-Kile100.00
13487Chronic Illness in CanadaKramer-Kile100.00
12753Classic Readings in Cultural AnthropologyFerraro3rd10.00
13226Classic Readings in Cultural AnthropologyGary Ferraro3rd20.00
13227Classic Readings in Cultural AnthropologyGary Ferraro3rd20.00
11229Classical readings in cultural anthropology10.00
13328Classical Readings in Cultural AnthropologyGary Ferraro3rd15.00
12350Clinical Drug Therapy for Canadian PracticeBrophy et al.1st25.00
13017Clinical Microbiology made Ridiculously SimpleMark Gladwin5th15.00
13271Cognitive PsychologyBruce Goldstein40.00
13007Cognitive PsychologyGoldstein4th80.00
12341College PhysicsGordon & Teague9th70.00
13207Combinations and Graph TheoryJ. Harris, J. Hinst2nd50.00
13298ComedyN.J. Lowe10.00
12607Communicating in Geography and the Environmental SciencesLain Hay and Philip GilesCanadian20.00
13338Community Health NursingStamler and Yiu3rd10.00
10768Community Health Nursing Projects60.00
9999Concept: Mapping3.00
13118Conflict and ConformityDavid McCurdy, Dianna Shandy and James Spradley15th75.00
13347Conformity and ConflictMcCurdy and Shandy15th20.00
11929Conservation Biology in Theory and Practice70.00
13291Consuming GriefBeth Conlhlin22.00
13440Contemporary Human GeographyRuberstein3rd30.00
13028Contemporary Human GeographyJames Rubenstein3rd40.00
13065Contemporary Human GeographyRubenstein3rd40.00
12705Contemporary Human GeographyRubenstein3rd69.00
13372Contemporary Human GeographyRubenstein3rd100.00
12113Contemporary Issues in ManagementMc Graw, Hill4th 75.00
9999Contemporary Linguistic Analysis3.00
11934Contemporary Linguistics Analysis80.00
0Contemporary ManagementJones et al4th17.00
12720Contemporary ManagementJones4th55.00
12575Contemporary ManagementHabbab Rock4th60.00
9999Contemporary Political Issues Charlton/Barker6th3.00
12809Contes de la Riviere SevernAinelie Resch5.00
10767Contested Representations5.00
11974Controversies in Science25.00
11973Controversies in Science and Technology volume 325.00
13070CoriolanusWilliam Shakespeare 15.00
13154Corporate FinanceRoss, Jordan and Roberts7th45.00
11111Corporate Finance50.00
11714Cost AccountingCharles5th10.00
12532Cost AccountingHorngren7th100.00
11089Cracking the MCAT100.00
12335Critical Thinking- A Students Handbook120.00
11047Cross Cultural Film making15.00
13436Cultural AnthropologyRobbins et al2nd50.00
11981Cultural Anthropology A Problem Based Approach80.00
11865Cultural Anthropology: A Problem Based ApproachRobbins et. al.2nd90.00
12287Damned Nations,Greed, Guns, Armies & AidSamantha Nutt10.00
12597De Belles ParolesCraft5.00
13286Decolonizing MethodologiesLinda Tuhiwai Smith2nd60.00
12726Developmental PsychologyKipp3rd25.00
11804Diabetes Self-Mangement Education Desk Reference15.00
12751Diamond GrillWah5.00
13492Digital DisconnectRobert McChesney10.00
10006Dirt Road7.00
13099Discourse on Methods and Meditation on First Philosophy Rene Descartes4th5.00
72Discovering Statistics Using RField85.00
12385Discovering the UniverseComins10th30.00
13209Doing MathematicsSteven Galovich2nd90.00
12814Dom JuanMoliere5.00
13288Ecological ImperialismAlferd .W Crosby30.00
13490Ecology A Canadian ContextBill Freedman et al69.00
0Ecology Concepts and ApplicationsMolles3rd85.00
10503Ecology of Teleost Fishes75.00
10668Ecology: A Canadian ContextFreeman1st45.00
10791Ecology: Concepts and Applications50.00
12397Economic Analysis: in HealthcareMorris2nd40.00
13143Economics with Study GuidesParkin Blain40.00
12600Educational PsychologyAbbedutu3rd/7th70.00
13451Elementary StatisticsMario F. Triola12th35.00
13452Elementary StatisticsTriola12th60.00
9586Elementary Statistics380.00
13496Empire to umpireHillmer225.00
13067Energy and the EnvironmentRobert A. Ristinen and Jack J. Kraushaar3rd60.00
11971Energy Physics and the Environment75.00
12481Energy Science and TechnologyPearson Custom Library50.00
13066Energy Science and Technology Supplemental ReadingsPearson collection and Trent University30.00
13242Engravings by HogarthSean Shesgreen15.00
10526Enivonmental Chemistry a Global Perspective45.00
13306environment the science behind the storiesJ. Withgott3rd90.00
12704Environment: The Science Behind the StoriesWithgott80.00
13023Environmental and Resource Science/StudiesTrent University50.00
119311Environmental Change and Challenge15.00
12500Environmental Change and ChallengeDearden Mitchell20.00
12568Environmental HazardsSmith6th45.00
12510Environmental Law and Policy in CanadaMuldoon50.00
11753Environmental Science30.00
12411Environmental Science30.00
12574Environmental SciencePearson35.00
11866Environmental SciencePearson75.00
13101Eros, Agape and PhiliaAlan Soble15.00
13124Eros, Agape and PhiliaAlan Soblle15.00
13367Espanol en Marcha 1 Workbook and TextbookFrancisca Castro V125.00
13279Espanse En MarchaFrancisa Castro Viudez7.00
13280Espanse En MarchaFrancisa Castro Viudez12.00
13458Ethics and Issues in Contemporary NursingBurkhardt2nd10.00
13519Ethics and Issues in Contemporary NursingBurkhardt2nd15.00
13481Ethics and Issues in Contemporary NursingBarkhardt1st20.00
13419Ethics and Issues in Contemporary NursingBurkhardt, Nathaniel, Walton2nd40.00
12733Ethics and Issues in Contemporary Nursing Burkhardt2nd Canadian50.00
13364Ethics and Issues in Contemporary NursingBurkhardt2nd50.00
13275EvolutionCarl Bergstrom2nd60.00
11038Evolutionary Analysis 330.00
11796Evolutionary AnalysisFreeman & Heron4th40.00
13083Exploring Sociology: A Canadian PrespectiveBruce Ravelli 10.00
13153Faerie QueenEdmund Spenser40.00
10693Falling Behind: How Rising Inequality Harms the Middle Class20.00
12365Family Development Course ReadingsNavara20.00
12703Family NursingHartrick20.00
13018Family Nursing as Relational InquiryDoane and Varcoe10.00
13038Family Nursing as Relational InquiryDoane and Varcoe20.00
13202family nursing as relational inquiryHatrick -Doane and Varcone20.00
13259Family Nursing as Relational InquiryGweneth Hartrick Doane25.00
12678Financial AccountingFriedlan8.00
13149Financial AccountingPaul Kimmel45.00
12722Financial AccountingKimmel6th60.00
13314Financial Accounting: Tools for Business DecisionKimmel6th (canadian)80.00
13459First nation in the twenty-first centuryFrideres2nd55.00
13105Five DialoguesPlato2nd5.00
12690Five DialoguesPlato2nd20.00
13016Fluids and ElectrolytesSaunders and Chernercky10.00
13030Fluids and ElectrolytesChernecky2nd15.00
13379FoodJennifer Clapp30.00
12721Forensic ScienceSafestien2nd70.00
13513Forensic Science From Crime Scene to Crime LabRichard Saferstien3rd145.00
10431Forensic Science From The Crime Scene to the Crimelab20.00
11785Foundations of Psychiatric Mental Health NursingVarcololis + Helter6th35.00
12842From Alpha to OmegaGroton22.00
11645Functional Histology80.00
13054Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioural SciencesDavid Howell8th35.00
9999Fundamentals of Canadian Nursing3.00
13079Fundamentals of Corporate FinanceRoss, Jordan and Roberts7th50.00
12667Fundamentals of Corporate FinanceRoss8th70.00
12336Fundamentals of Financial AccountingPhillips & Libby3rd40.00
13201Fundamentals of Financial AccountingPhilips et al3rd40.00
10733Fundamentals of Forensic DNA typing30.00
12697Fundamentals of Social ResearchBabbie and Benaquisto3rd80.00
12748Fundamentals of Social ResearchBabbie and Benaquisto3rd80.00
11888Funny BoySelvadurai5.00
11021Gender and Popular Culture7.00
10374Genders in Production10.00
11960Genders in Production20.00
13509Generation XDouglas Coupland5.00
12254Genetic AnalysisSanders & Bowman`1st40.00
12770Genetic EssentialsPierce2nd40.00
13396Genetics EssentialsBenjamin A. Pierce2nd45.00
12309Genetics Essentials: Concepts and ConnectionsPierce40.00
9999Geographics of Health: An Introduction3.00
12117Geographies of HealthCatrell, Elliot2nd30.00
13211Geometry From Euclid to KnotsSaul Stahl15.00
13457Geosystems Intro to Physical GeographyChristopherson4th125.00
13480Gerontological NursinTouhy1st60.00
12693Gerontological NursingTouny1st80.00
12696Gerontological NursingTouny1st80.00
13439Gerontological Nursing & Healthy AgingEbersole & Hess1st60.00
13287Gerontological Nursing and Healthy AgingTouhy and Jett1st60.00
12284Global Development Strategies Student ManualUmu10.00
11915Global Geomorphology15.00
13518Global PoliticsEdkins2nd70.00
13371Global PoliticsJonny E2nd75.00
12767Global Politics: A New IntroductionEdkins2nd85.00
12829Globalization Development and Mass MediaSparks5.75
11025globalization of World Politics 60.00
11017Good Night Desdemona10.00
12545Good Reasoning MattersGroarke5th25.00
12750Goodnight DesdemonaMacDonald4.00
13464Goodnight DesdemonaMacDonald5.00
13104Gravity and GraceSimone Weil6.00
13295Great ExpectationsC. Dickens5.00
10570Groundwork of the Metaphysic of morals10.00
12631Gullivers TravelsSwift5.00
13055Health PsychologyShelley Taylor and Fuschia Sirois3rd35.00
13043Health PsychologyShelley Taylor and Fuschia Sirois3rd40.00
12725Health PsychologyTaylor3rd65.00
13129Health, Illness and Health Care in CanadaLisa Strohschein70.00
12342Health: The BasicsDonatelle & Thompson5th15.00
11790Health: The BasicsDonatelle5th30.00
13283Heartbeat of the PeopleTara Browner37.00
13045Hidden In Plain SightDavid Newhouse30.00
13292Hidden In Plain SightDavid Newhouse et al33.00
13370Hidden in Plain SightDavid Newhouse40.00
13045Hidden in Plain Sight - Contributions of Aboriginal People to Canadian Identity and CultureDavid Newhouse30.00
13034History of PsychologyJohn G. Benjafield3rd20.00
13335How Societies Work - Class, Power and ChangeJoanne N5th30.00
13449How Societies Work - Class, Power and ChangeJoanne Naiman5th45.00
13353How Societies Work - Class, Power and ChangeJoanne N50.00
13087How to Think About Weird ThingsTheodore Schick and Lewis Vaughn4th12.00
13020How to Think About Weird ThingsTheodore Schick15.00
13102How to Write about MusicRicky Moody15.00
12550Human AnatomySaladin 2nd36.00
12256Human Anatomy & PhysiologyMarieb9th40.00
9999Human GeographyNorton 7th5.00
12281Human GeographyNorton8th10.00
13263Human GeographyWilliams Norton7th20.00
12282Human GeographyNorton8th50.00
13356Human GeographyNorton8th50.00
12711Human GeographyNorton8th75.00
12577Human GeographyNorton8th80.00
13374Hungry for ChangeA. Haroon20.00
12825Il Pleuait des Oiseaux Jocelyne Saucien5.00
12434Images of OrganizationMorgan70.00
11911In Search and Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio40.00
13435In Search of RespectPhilippe Bouegois2nd25.00
12691In Search of RespectBourgois2nd40.00
13076In the Realm of the Diamond QueenAnna Lowenhaupt Tsing15.00
13256In the Realm of the Diamond QueenAnna Lowenhaupt Tsing15.50
10695In the Skin of a Lion12.00
11008Income Taxation45.00
12639Indigenous Poetics in CanadaMcLeod20.00
12393Industrial Relations in CanadaHebdon40.00
12149Inorganic ChemistryShriver and Atkins5th50.00
12599Intermediate Accounting Vol 2Kieso et al10th Canadian Ed90.00
10954Intimate Relationships630.00
13264Intimate RelationshipsMiller35.00
12437Intimate RelationshipsMiller5th50.00
12517Into to Business Information SystemsNorrie3rd Canadian40.00
11026Intro Philosophy for Canadians10.00
12531Intro to Business Information SystemsNorrie3rd50.00
12268Intro to Protein ScienceLesk2nd40.00
11755Introducing Philosophy for CanadiansSoloman + Mc Dermid45.00
11348Introducing Philosophy for CanadiansSolomon & McDermid55.00
13471Introduction to Environmental Impact AssessmentBram F Noble3rd45.00
13024Introduction to International DevelopmentPaul Haslam and Jessica Schafer2nd20.00
13022Introduction to International DevelopmentPaul Haslam and Jessica Schafer2nd40.00
12413Introduction to International DevelopmentHaslam Schafer Beaudet2nd60.00
13265Introduction to Learning and BehaviourRussel A. Powell4th30.00
13052Introduction to Learning and BehaviourPowell, Honey and Symbaulk4th40.00
12554Introduction to PoliticsBaban2rd10.00
12551Introduction to PoliticsBaban25.00
13212Introduction to ProbabilityR. Scheaffer and L. Young3rd100.00
12804Introduction to Protein Science Lesk45.00
12351Introduction to PsychologyNolen - Hoeksema et al.15th25.00
13186Introductory Mathematical AnalysisErnest F. Haeussler and Richard S. Paul13th70.00
11694Investment, Analysis, and ManagementW. Sean, Charles P.50.00
12794InvestmentsBodie, Kane, et al 8th Canadian100.00
12831Its a Working Mans TownDunk5.75
11218Its a working mans town15.00
10701Its a Working Mans Town20.00
11172Jihad the Trail of Political Islam20.00
12633Joseph Andrews and ShamelaFielding5.00
11017Joseph Andrews and Shamela=5.00
13145Journal of the Plague YearDaniel Defoe5.00
12326Kaplan DAT Blue BookKaplan8th20.00
12320Kaplan MCAT PackageKaplan45.00
12347Keys to Nursing SuccessKatz et al.3rd20.00
12347Keys to Nursing SuccessKatz et al.3rd20.00
12808La Civilisation FrancaiseRoss Steele60.00
10611La Civilisation Francaise en Evolution15.00
11375la symphonie PASTORALEAndre Gide8.00
11905La Versification5.00
12813Le ChienJean Marc Dalpe5.00
12812Le Figuier Seu le TaitMarguerit Andersen5.00
13443Le petit grevisse Maurice Grevisse25.00
12816Le SurvenantGermaire Guevremant5.00
11901Le Trou dans le mur8.00
11897Les Belles Soeurs8.00
12817Les Enfants du SabbatAnne Hebert 5.00
11900Les Enfants du Sabbat8.00
12815Les Fees Ont SaifDenise Boucher5.00
11902Les fees ont soif8.00
12827Les Fleurs du MalGhanes Baudelaire5.00
11896Les Fous de Bassan8.00
11903Les Lecons de la cruaute8.00
13325Les parents terribleCocteau5.00
12820Les Tecons de la Cruaute Laurent McAllister5.00
11898Les Voyageurs Malgre Eux10.00
12549Life the Science of BiologySadava8th60.00
12618Like Water for ChocolateLaura Esquired5.00
13131Like Water for ChocolateLaura Esquirel5.00
11343Like Water for ChocolateLaura Esquirel10.00
11957Linear Algebra100.00
13213Linear AlgebraDavid Poole3rd100.00
13323Lives Across CulturesGardiner and Kosmitzki5th75.00
12540Living in the EnvironmentMiller250.00
13036Louis- Hippolyte LaFontaine and Robert BaldwinJohn Ralston Saul12.00
10142Love and Honor in the HimalayassErnestine McHugh10.00
12788Love StoriesManning5.00
13188MacroeconomicsPaul Krugman and Robin Wells2nd Canadian Edition25.00
12280MacroeconomicsCurtis, Irvine, Begg2nd50.00
12283MacroeconomicsCurtis, Irvine, Begg2nd50.00
13132Major Problems in the History of American Medicine and Public HealthJohn Harley-Warner and Janet Tighe80.00
11970Making Sense5.00
12708Making SenseNorthey5th15.00
12833Management Current Practices and New DirectionsDyck5.75
13517Management Its Not What You ThinkMintzberg13.00
12719Managerial AccountingWiley3rd55.00
10631Managerial Accounting 70.00
13199Managing Organizational Behaviour in CanadaSniderman et al2nd35.00
10609Manon Lescaut4.00
12818Maria ChapdelauireLouis Heman5.00
13085Marketing An Introductionary Armstrong and Philip T. Kotler4th25.00
13193Marketing An IntroductionGary Armstrong5th100.00
12769Marketing: An IntroductionArmstrong5th70.00
12292Markets id DispossessionElyacher10.00
10706Markets of Disposession20.00
13037Marriage, a History - How Love Conquered MarriageStephanie Coontz15.00
13296Master Harold and the boysFugard5.00
12643Media and Cultural StudiesDurham, Keller2nd40.00
12832Mediated SocietyJackson5.75
9999Medical- Surgical Nursing 3.00
13234Medical-Surgical Nursing in CanadaBarry3rd140.00
13133Medicine as CultureDeborah Lupton3rd40.00
13494Medieval WarfareHelen Nicholson20.00
11697Metaphysics: An AnthologyWiley2nd40.00
12335MicrobiologyWiley, Sherwood, Woolverton8th60.00
12793Microbiology FundamentalsCowan44.00
13042Microbiology FundamentalsCowan and Bunn50.00
13423Microbiology FundamentalsMarjorie Kelly Cowan2nd60.00
13009Microbiology FundamentalsM. Cowan2nd80.00
12107Microbiology Fundamentals - A Clincal ApproachCowan45.00
13189MicroeconomicsPaul Krugman and Robin Wells25.00
12294MicroeconomicsCurtis, Irvine, Begg2nd40.00
13183Microeconomics: Canada in the Global EnvironmentParkin and Bade5th30.00
11228Missing Women, Missing News10.00
13167Modern Advanced Accounting in CanadaMurray Hilton and Darrell Herauf8th110.00
10813Modern Science Writing10.00
12127Molecular EcologyFreeland, Kirk, Peterson30.00
13359Molecular EcologyJ.R. Freeland H. Kirk2nd40.00
13216Molecular EcologyJoanna Freeland2nd50.00
12632Moll FlandersDeFoe5.00
13463Monkey BeachRobinson4.00
13098Music a Short IntroductionNicholas Cook5.00
12637Native Poetry in CanadaArmstrong15.00
11975Natures Experts20.00
12572Natures ExpertsBocking35.00
12410Natures ExpertsBocking40.00
13478Negotiations in a Vacant LotJessup35.00
11922New Media an Introduction40.00
11345New Media: An IntroTerry Flew2nd25.00
11345New Media: An IntroTerry Flew2nd25.00
11449New Venture Creation35.00
13241North and SouthElizabeth GaskellNorton Critical Edition10.00
13179Nuevo Espanol en Marcha35.00
13180Nuevo Espanol en Marcha40.00
9999Nursing Drug Guide3.00
10399Nursing Leadership from a Canadian PerspectivePangman25.00
13421Nursing Research in Canada: Methods, Critical Appraisal and UtilisationJudith Haber3rd50.00
12797Nutrition Concepts and ControversiesSizer, Whitney, Piche2nd44.00
10766Nutrition Concepts and Controversies 50.00
12780On The Nature of UniverseMelville20.00
12636Opening Up Middle English ManuscriptsKerby30.00
11344Oranges are not the only fruitJeanette Winterson5.00
13196Oranges are Not the Only FruitJeanette Winterson7.00
12641Organic ChemistryMcMurry8th100.00
12262Organic Chemistry Solutions ManualMcMurry6th30.00
13080Organizational Behaviour in Canada2nd50.00
13191Organizational Theory and DesignArmstrong et al3rd60.00
12787Original Instructions Indigenous Teachings for a Sustainable FutureMohawk, Trudell, etc35.00
13377Oryx and CrakeMargaret Atwood20.00
12801Our Chemical SelvesScott30.00
13346Oxford Anthology of Roman LiteratureKnox and Mckeown50.00
10817Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Emotion20.00
13380Palestine and the Arab-Israeli ConflictCharles D. Smith9th30.00
12640Parks and Protected Areas in CanadaDearden & Rollins20.00
13069Paths to a Green WorldJennifer Clapp and Peter Dauvergne2nd50.00
12508Pearson Custom Library for Environmental ScienceWithgott Brennan Murck2nd20.00
12840Pearson Custom Library PhsyicsTrent University80.00
11248Personality theory and research110.00
12456Personality Theory and ResearchCervone Pervin12th115.00
13506Peterborough and the KawarthasPeter Adams and Colin Taylor3rd5.00
13484Peterborough and the KawarthasAdams3rd55.00
9999Pharmacology for Nurses5.00
12792Pharmacology for Nursing Care Study GuideLehne8th10.00
12334Pharmacology: An IntroductionHitner & Nagle7th40.00
12672Philosophy of ScienceMcGrew30.00
11768Philosophy of SportJason Holt15.00
13420Physical Examination and Health AssessmentCarolyn Jarvis2nd100.00
12576Physical GeographyWilliams2nd90.00
11884Physical Geography (Bundle)H.J. de Bling2nd Canadian120.00
12501Physical Geography: The Global EnvironmentLong20.00
12380Physics - FRSC 102030.00
12538Physics for Scientists and EngineersKnight3rd50.00
12311Physics for Scientists and EngineersKnight3rd80.00
13381Physics for Scientists and EngineersKnight3rd115.00
11090Physio Ex 10.00
13157PigeonKaren Solie5.00
11914Planning Canadian Communities15.00
12447Plato 5 DialoguesPlato2nd10.00
12220Plato SymposiumWaterfield10.00
11346Plato- Five DialoguesGrube2nd5.00
11695Plato: 8 Essential DialoguesReeve30.00
12291Political Development in Emerging NationsWiardia10.00
12779Predictably Irational The Hidden Forces that Shape our DecisionsAriely15.00
12642Presentation ZenReynolds30.00
11219Primer in Radical Criminology20.00
13469Princess PocahontasMojica4.00
13184Principles of Corporate FinanceGitman and HennesseyCanadian Edition20.00
13190Principles of EconomicsBernanke etal1st10.00
9999Principles of Human Anatomy5.00
13185Principles of Macroeconomics N. Gregory Mankiw and Ronald D Kneebone2nd Canadian Edition20.00
12774Principles of SociologyTepperman3rd40.00
12310Principles of Sociology: Canadian PerspectivesTepperman3rd60.00
9999PsychologyWade, Tavris, Saucier4th Canadian Ed5.00
13504PsychologyCarde Wade Carol Travis Lorin Elias4th10.00
12343PsychologyWade, Tavris, Saucier3rd Canadian35.00
13426PsychologyWade, Tavris, Saucier, Alias4th CA edition50.00
11351PsychologyWade4th 70.00
10842PsychologyCarole/ Wade4th80.00
12834Psychology Frontiers and ApplicationsPasser2nd5.75
13326Psychology of GenderHelgeson4th75.00
13516Psychology Themes and VariationsWeiten McCann4th75.00
13093Psychology: A Concise HistoryBenjafield10.00
13344Psychology: Themes and VariationsSchater3rd40.00
13446Psychology: Themes and VariationsWeiten4th95.00
13386Psychology: Themes and VariationsWeiten4th100.00
12299Public Finance & Public PolicyGruber3rd40.00
9999Publication Manual of the APA6th3.00
13092Punishment in DisguiseHannah Moffat20.00
12266pushing electronsWeeks3rd10.00
11113Qualitative Research in Psychology25.00
11963Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography40.00
11963Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography40.00
11963Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography40.00
10780Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography45.00
13073Quantitative Chemical AnalysisDaniel Harris8th75.00
12333Quantitative Chemical AnalysisHarris8th100.00
12263Quantitative Chemical Analysis: Solutions ManualHarris8th20.00
12249R&G Are DeadTom Stoppard10.00
13156Rape of the LockAlexander Pope5.00
13106RE: Imagining ChangePatrick Reinsborough15.00
13177RE: Imagining ChnageDoyle Canning and Patrick Reinsborough15.00
13299Reading for a History of Anthropological TheoryErickson et al4th25.00
12682Readings for a History of Anthropological TheoryGrickson4th10.00
13303Real Pigs Brad Weiss6.00
12785Recruitment and Selection in CanadaVictor60.00
13470Red RoomsDimaline5.00
12546Reflexive Practice in Social WorkKnott3rd20.00
12647Regarding The Pain of OthersSontag15.00
13228Research Methods in Criminal Justice and CriminologyMark Lanier and Lisa Briggs70.00
12617Resource and Environmental ManagementMitchell4th50.00
13084Rethinking Society in the 21st CenturyWeber and Bezanson5.00
13107Rethinking Society in the 21st CenturyMichelle Webber15.00
13121Rethinking Society in the 21st CenturyWeber and Bezanson3rd25.00
12821RhinocerosEugene Ionesco5.00
13255Rites of SpringModris Ehsteins10.00
13348Roman ArtRamage6th40.00
13434Rosenciantz and Guildenstein are deadTom Stopper10.00
13158Saint JoanGeorge Shaw5.00
13365Saunders Nursing Survival Guide: Fluids and ElectrolytesChernecky Mackiln2nd30.00
11976Science in Public20.00
11976Science in Public20.00
12153Searching for Our Past, Understanding the PresentWilliams20.00
10704Second Opinion: An Introduction to Health Sociology30.00
12110Seeking Our Past: An Introduction to North American ArchaeologyNeuscus22.00
12727Sensation and PerceptionGoldstein9th100.00
11920Sensation Perception5.00
11224sexualities identities beahaviours and society30.00
12507Short Guide to Writing About BiologyJan A Pechenik8th20.00
13053Sniffy the Virtual Rat Pro with CDom Alloway Greg Wilson Jeff Graham3rd60.00
12712SOCI 1001H COURSE PACKWhite85.00
13120Social Psy: Traditional and Critical PerspectivesP. Dickerson2nd50.00
26Social PsychologyRobert Baron1st30.00
13271Social PsychologyRobert Baron40.00
13395Social PsychologyPaul Dickerson2nd45.00
12675Social Psychology Traditional & Critical PerspectivesDickerson50.00
13113Social Psychology: Traditional and Critical PerspectivesPaul Dickerson2nd50.00
13250Social Psychology: Traditional and Critical PerspectivesPaul Dickerson2 nd50.00
13507Social Welfare in CanadaSteven Hick3rd10.00
13475Social Welfare in CanadaHick3rd40.00
11274Social Welfare in Canada50.00
13447Social Welfare in Canada SocietyChappell5th30.00
13349Social Welfare in Canada SocietyRosalie Chappell5th45.00
13317Social Welfare in Canada SocietyBosalie Chappell5th50.00
12583Social WorkHick3rd50.00
12773Social Work in CanadaHick3rd40.00
12277Social Work in CanadaHICK3RD75.00
12756Social Work PracticeHeinonen3rd35.00
13088Sociology as a Life or Death IssueRobert Brym2nd10.00
10601Sociology as a life or death issue Robert Brynn 2nd12.00
11830Sociology in Action15.00
11230Sociology in action20.00
13511Sociology of EducationTerry Wothesspoon4th15.00
13124Sociology of Education in CanadaTerry Wotherspoon4th50.00
13505Sociology of Health and Illness A Health CareLisa Strohschin and Roseweitz15.00
12148Solutions Manual for Organic ChemistryHagerman & Schnabel5th40.00
13128Spanish Dictionary5.00
12951Spirit of the Island 20.00
13510Spirit of the Island Manitoulins PeoplesDr Rhonda Paulson5.00
13493Spirit of the Island Manitoulins PeoplesDr Rhonda Paulson35.00
13031Statistics for the Behavioural ScienceSusan Nolan and Thomas Heinzen2nd30.00
12324Statistics for the Behavioural SciencesNolan, Heinzen20.00
12601Statistics for the Behavioural SciencesNolan, Heinzen50.00
13094Story of SociologyGregor McLennan1st15.00
13170Strategic Bites BackMintzberg et al20.00
12782Strategy SafariMintzberg30.00
11069Student Activities Manual30.00
12150Study Guide and Solutions Manual for Organic ChemistryMcMurry8th60.00
12824SudburyPatrice Debiens5.00
11894Sur le Seuil10.00
10703Sweetness and Power15.00
12688Taking SidesAbbeduto7th40.00
13231Techniques in MicrobiologyLammert20.00
12685Ten Days That Shook The WorldSiena40.00
10843Ten Days That Shook The WOrld: Terror in HistoryKeith Walden70.00
12290Th Anti-Politics MachineFerguson10.00
13205The Alternative Intro to Biological AnthropologyJonathan Marks20.00
12789The Anthropology of ReligionStein3rd15.00
13246The Art of ScienceBoris Castel and Sergio Sismondo30.00
13247The Art of ScienceBoris Castel and Sergio Sismondo30.00
12630The Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured ManJohnson5.00
13486The Basic Political WritingsRousseau15.00
13465The Bluest EyeToni Morrison4.00
12160The Broadiew Anthology of Social and Poilitical ThoughtBailey, Brennan, et. al.55.00
12626The Broadview Anthology of British Literature2nd40.00
12627The Broadview Anthology of British Literature2nd40.00
12635The Broadview Anthology of British Literature2nd40.00
13218The Canadian Justice SystemPaul Atkinson15.00
12838The Canadian Justice SystemAtkinson3rd50.00
13388The Canadian Justice System An OverviewPaul Atkinson3rd50.00
11733The Celebrity Culture ReaderMarshall60.00
11837The Collected Work of Paddy Chayefsly10.00
11965The Conduct of War20.00
11254The Corner10.00
11917The Dictionary of Human Geography50.00
13485The Ecological HoofprintWeis15.00
11347The Elements of PhilosophyJames Rachels7th 40.00
12316The End of the Free MarketBremmer10.00
12830The Family DynamicWard4th5.75
12830The Family DynamicWard4th5.75
12723The Fifth DisciplineSenge30.00
13089The GebusiBruce Knauft3rd10.00
13322The Giant CompassDeCicco15.00
12395The Global Climate SystemAguado90.00
11179The Globalization of World Politics45.00
13137The Globe Encompassed: The Age European Discovery, 1500-1700Glen Ames15.00
12373The Good SocietyGalbraith10.00
13147The House at Pooh Corner Milne7.00
12625The Longman Anthology of British Literature3rd Edition 40.00
10104The McDonaldization of SocietyGeorge Ritzer10.00
12553The McDonaldization of SocietyRitzer5th10.00
10235The Medieval Period25.00
11083The Merchant of Venice10.50
13337The New Leadership ChallengeGrossman and Valiga4th10.00
13014The New Leadership Challenge: Creating the Future of NursingSheila Grossman4th10.00
12007The No Nonsense Guide to Global Terrorism15.00
13148The old ArcadiaPhilip Sidney15.00
14389The Optimistic EnvironmentalistDavid R. Boyd25.00
11209The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Emotion50.00
11967The Oxford History of Modern War10.00
12623The Pearson Custom Library for Environmental ScienceERSC 1010H20.00
12275The People Have Never Stopped DancingMurphy15.00
12289The Place of Sugar in Modern HistoryMintz10.00
13301The Plays and FragmentsMenander5.00
13245The PrestigeChristopher Priest20.00
13086The Psychology of Health and Health CarePoole et al.3rd12.00
13166The Psychology of Health and Health CarePoole et al5th130.00
13237The Rape Of the LockAlexander Pope15.00
10329The Reluctant Fundamentalist5.00
9999The renaissance and the early seventeeth century240.00
11924The Renaissance World80.00
12271The Rez Sisters Highway8.00
12181The RoadCormac McCarthy4.00
13095The Schooled SocietyScott Davies and Neil Guppy3rd20.00
13221The Secret AgentJoseph Conrad10.00
12175The Social Contract Jean-Jacques Rousseau7.00
11118The Social Dimensions of Human Sexuality75.00
11933The Social Media Reader20.00
11923The Social Media Reader30.00
11117The Sociology of Culture and Knowledge70.00
12746The Sociology of Health Illness and HealthcareWeitz70.00
12002The Stop25.00
13142The Television PlaysChayefsky10.00
13117The TempestWilliam Shakespeare5.00
12713The Things they CarriedTim Obrien15.00
13477The Third Reich in PowerEvans25.00
12158The TrialKafka13.00
13482The Trouble with BillionairesMcQuaig15.00
13240The Turkish Embassey LettersLady Mary Wortley10.00
13238The Uncensored Picture of Dorian GrayOscar Wilde15.00
10951The United States Since 1945-Historical InterpretationsLowen10.00
10951The United States Since 1945-Historical InterpretationsLowen10.00
13100The UpanishadsSwami Prabhavanada5.00
10341The War of the Worlds8.00
10477The Waste Crisis15.00
12499the Waste CrisisTammemagi25.00
13294The Waste Land, Purfrock and Other PoemsT.S. Eliot5.00
13462The White BoneGowdy4.00
12778The Will To BelieveJames30.00
11777Their Eyes Were Watching GodHurston5.00
13369Things Fall ApartChinua A10.00
9999Thinking Critically: A Concise Guide3.00
13297Three ComediesPeter Smith10.00
13046Three Weeks in Quebec CityChristopher Moore15.00
13515Through the Lens of AnthropologyRobert Muckle60.00
13394Through the Lens of Anthropology An Introduction to Human Evolution and CultureMackle and Gonzales50.00
10811Time Machine10.00
11907Tit Coq10.00
12826Tit-CoqGratien Gelmas5.00
12822Tom a la FermeMichel Marc Bouchard5.00
11908Tom a la Ferme8.00
13159Touch the DragonKaren Connelly10.00
12621Treffpunkt DeutschGonglewski6th50.00
11196Two Treaties of government and letter concerning toleration5.00
11909Un Coeur Simple5.00
12819Un Coeur SimpleGustave Flaubert5.00
13146Understanding Canadian BusinessWilliam Nickels20.00
13354understanding celebrityGraeme Turner2nd25.00
13455Understanding ComputersMorley15th85.00
12735Understanding ComputersMorely15th95.00
13215Understanding ComputersDeborah Morley and Charles S. Parker14th100.00
10873Understanding Crime in Canada55.00
11919Understanding Emotion50.00
12319Understanding Motivation & EmotionReeve5th30.00
12810Understanding Second Language LearningLourdes Ortega30.00
13512Understanding Social InequalityJulie McMullin2nd15.00
13130Understanding Social InequalityJulie McMullin2nd40.00
13290Understanding Social InequityJulie McMullin2nd35.00
13448Understanding SocietiesGillian Balfour15.00
13352Understanding SocietiesGillian Balfour40.00
12747understanding societiesmann2nd50.00
11968Understanding the Landscape of Teaching45.00
11844Urban Flow10.00
9999Using Basic Statistics in the Behavioural and Social SciencesEvans5th67.00
13048Vertebrate AnatomyKenneth Kardong7th120.00
13047Vertebrate Anatomy: Lab Manual Kardong7th60.00
13268Virtual Clinical Exclusion7th20.00
11826virtual clinical excursions10.00
11826virtual clinical excursions10.00
11802Virtural Clinical Excursion15.00
13044Visions of the HeartDavid Long15.00
13254Visions of the HeartLong et al3rd20.00
13285Visions of the HeartDavid Long3rd60.00
13331Visions of the HeartLong and Dickasin3rd75.00
20Visions of the Heart - Canadian Aboriginal IssuesDavid Lons and Olive Patricia D3rd20.00
13444Vogage Eclair Autour du MondeCollet15.00
13392Voyage Eclair autour du mondeCollet & Furginele10.00
11835Waging the War of the Worlds10.00
10815Water Babies10.00
0Wetland Ecology 0.00
12687What Is An EmotionSoloman2nd30.00
12590What Is An EmotionSolomon2nd40.00
13479Wheathers Functional HistologyLowe Young Stevens5th40.00
12843Wheelocks Latin Wheelock7th12.00
10812Why Evolution is true10.00
12248Wild Sargasso SeaJean Rhys10.00
11821Works of Game5.00
12570World AtlasStanford6th28.00
11989world literature20.00
11991world literature volume D20.00
11990world literature volume F20.00
12619Wuthering HeightsEmily bronte5.00
12684Yemen ChronicleCaton10.00
12133Yemen ChroniclesSteven C. Caton30.00