Consent & Safer Sex

Sex and sexual assault are two topics that are almost unavoidable on university campuses. Extracted from our Occupational Health and Safety policy, the Association is interested in the health and safety of its employees and members, as well as visitors to the university community. In order to tackle the ongoing struggle of sexual assault prevention work in the University and College context, the Association shall take appropriate measures to protect and promote the health and safety of employees, students and visitors and to provide a safe, healthy work and study environment. Such campaigns/initiatives include: Draw the Line and Cover Me.

Cover Me

The Association has provided students with condoms for many years now. Through this initiative we will continue to provide safer sex kits and promote safer sex and sexual health awareness to students. In order to effectively reach out to students, we have partnered and worked with Trent University in the past; especially Housing Services, Office of Student Affairs, Trent Counselling Services, and Health Services.

Draw the Line

The Draw the Line campaign is an initiative set forth by the Government of Ontario, through the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres that addresses sexual violence. The focus of this campaign is to not simply react to the consequences of sexual violence, but to prevent them from happening in the first place. This campaign represents the ethnic, linguistic, cultural, sexual, economic, and geographic diversity of Trent University by engaging individuals in a dialogue about sexual violence. The campaign challenges common myths about sexual violence and equips bystanders with the information on how to intervene safely and effectively. 

For more information about TCSA campaigns, or about how to volunteer, please contact:
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