Sunday, June 24, 2018
Free Bus to Pride Toronto
When: 9am - 10pm
Where: Bus departing from Bata and Downtown Terminal

The TCSA is offering a FREE bus to Pride Toronto this year once again on Sunday, June 24 for the Pride Parade. There are many events happening in Toronto for Pride, feel free to explore and attend any events you'd like. For a schedule of all events happening on that day, visit

Reserve your spot on the bus by visiting the TCSA office in the Student Centre or calling (705) 748-1000


9:00am: Bus Pickup at Bata Bus Loop 
9:15am: Bus Pickup at Peterborough Bus Terminal
10:15am: Bus Pickup at Trent Durham 
11:15am: Arrive at Ryerson University

2:00pm: Pride Parade

7:00pm: Meet up at Ryerson University
7:15pm: Bus leaving Ryerson
8:15pm: Bus arriving at Trent Durham Campus
9:15pm: Bus Arriving at Peterborough Terminal
9:30pm: Bus arriving at Bata Library

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