Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Municipal Election: Advance Voting
When: 12pm - 5pm
Where: Student Centre Atrium

The City of Peterborough’s Municipal and School Board Trustee Election is COMING to YOU!!!

Tuesday, October 16th from 12:00pm to 5:00pm in the Student Centre Atrium

You can cast your ballot, get added to, or make changes to your information on the list.

To be eligible to vote in a Municipal Election you must be:

  • A Canadian Citizen; and
  • At least 18 years old; and
  • A resident in the City of Peterborough; or a non-resident of the City of Peterborough, but you or your spouse own or rent property in the City; and
  • Not prohibited from voting under and law.

Photo identification is not required but electors need a document(s) showing your name and Peterborough address. The following are some examples of identification that may be accepted as proof of name and qualifying address or both:

  • Ontario driver's license
  • Ontario health card
  • Ontario photo card
  • A mortgage statement, lease, or rental agreement
  • An insurance policy or statement
  • A loan agreement or agreement with a financial institution
  • Credit card statement -Utility bill for hydro, water, gas, telephone, cable TV
  • A municipal or provincial business license
  • A document issued or certified by a court in Ontario
  • Any other document from the government of Canada, Ontario or a municipality in Ontario or from an agency of such a government
  • An income tax assessment notice
  • Statement of employment insurance benefits paid T4E
  • Property tax assessment
  • A document showing campus residence, issued by the office or officials responsible for student residence at a post-secondary institution
  • Transcript or report card from a post-secondary school
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