VP Clubs & External Affairs

Honoraria & Work Term:


Incoming two week shadow period**

10 hrs/wk


Remainder of term (including exam periods and reading weeks)
$266.00/wk @ 20 hrs/wk (10 hours in the TCSA office)*

May bank up to 40 lieu hrs over course of the term, which may be used to cover reading wks.

20 days paid vacation (10 to occur during winter break)

5 paid sick days
; access to additional paid sick days for appropriate medical issues.

Statutory holiday pay (20% of 4-week average if holiday falls on a vacation day)

Description Summary:

  • Be the Chief Organizer for the Association’s efforts and role in Frost Week activities & programming, and assist the Association in its efforts and role in Orientation Week. 

  • Maintain open communication and active ties with local city councillors and the DBIA; attend relevant City Councillor meetings and report to the board.

  • Seek to create a network of collaborations to coordinate the affairs of the Association with levy groups.

  • Oversee the clubs and event funding services of the Association, including Clubs and Groups Day, registration, event and club funding, workshops, and year-end appreciation.

  • Be responsible for the organization of all clubs space on behalf of the Association & the presence of clubs & groups in the Student Centre.

  • Chair the Clubs & Groups Funding and Approval Committee.

  • Sit on and take minutes for the Events Committee, and assist in the organization of at least one social, campaign, or educational activity per month during the academic year on behalf of the Association, including but not limited to guest speakers, lectures, trips, shows, films, and other such events and activities deemed appropriate.

  • Work to strengthen the communication and collaboration between the Association and the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and the Trent in Durham Student Association (TDSA).

  • Work to strengthen the communication and collaboration between the Association and post-secondary institutions focusing on the Peterborough area and especially Fleming College.

  • Work to strengthen the communication between the Association and relevant local unions.

  • Create and maintain coalitions with groups on campus such as, but not limited to, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, and the Trent University Faculty Association.

  • Be responsible, with the assistance of the Association Resource Manager, for completing the Executive exit survey & any transition documentation.

  • Shared front desk responsibilities when needed.