The affairs of the Trent Central Student Association are governed by an elected Board of Directors.

The Trent Central Student Association is the democratically elected student union representing all full-time undergraduate students as well as all consecutive education students at Trent University’s Symon’s Campus in Peterborough. Our non-profit union is governed by our elected Board of Directors.

Our mandate is to advocate for student needs and concerns through campaigns and services.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of 26 voting members. Eight (8) of these representatives are elected through the four undergraduate college cabinets. There are eighteen (18) positions elected during campus-wide elections; ten (10) Equity Commissioners, two (2) First Year Commissioners, two (2) Part-Time Students Commissioners and four (4) Executives.

Some positions on the Board of Directors are currently vacant and will be filled through a by-election in September. If you are interested in the possibility of holding one of these positions, please email for more information.