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Alumni – Student Mentoring Opportunity: Applications due this Friday February 6

Do you have questions about the school-to-career transition and unsure how to best prepare yourself for “Life after Trent”?


Apply to the Life After Trent: The Connections Program to be matched with an industry leader in your desired career field who is ready to connect with you! You will also receive coaching and professional development from the Career Centre. Deadline to apply is this Friday February 6, 2015.


By participating in this program, successful applicants will be matched with a mentor of their choice for two one-on-one sessions, and can expect:

·         To receive guidance to help them navigate various career options

·         Learn invaluable skills for professional development

·         Make new contacts to gain competitive advantages in the job market


There are over 20 mentors to select from, both prominent alumni and members of the Peterborough community, in a variety of careers with a variety of backgrounds.


Discover the available mentors and APPLY today:

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