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New Release: Trent Central Student Association Presidential Resignation


Trent Central Student Association

Presidential Resignation

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Please be advised that the current President of the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA), Braden Freer, has tendered his resignation of office to be effective as of March 1, 2015.

Our Executive Committee and Board of Directors will convene to appoint a suitable interim President for the Association to replace Mr. Freer to fulfill the remainder of the term and to ensure a seamless transition period.

The TCSA would like to let all of our members know that we continue to function normally as the politics of the Association do not affect our operations and the great work we do here. All TCSA services (Transit, Direct2U, GO Tickets, etc.) are still operating and events such as Dionysus are diligently being planned. The TCSA team continue to serve our members and all the students of Trent University as they always have, to the best of their abilities and with good heart.

The TCSA endeavours to keep moving forward as we look forward to our Spring Elections for the upcoming year and we encourage all students that are interested in a Board of Directors position, both Executive and Equity Commissioners, to complete a nomination form, which can be found on the TCSA website (

- 30 -

For more information, please contact:

Mayra Asmar, Vice President University & College Affairs or 705-748-1011 ext. 6174

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