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Trent Central Student Association and Trent Part-Time Student Association Merger



Trent Central Student Association and Trent Part-Time Student Association Merger


Monday, March 23, 2015


The Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) is excited to announce the successful merger with the Trent Part-Time Students Association (TPSA) at Trent University, which will take effect in the 2015-2016 academic year.


The TCSA adopted a policy at the Association’s Annual General Meeting on January 29, 2015, that would allow for a merger with the TPSA pending a formal referendum of their membership. The referendum was called and voted for in the affirmative by 84% of an over 15% quorum. Full-time students will not be affected by the merger and will retain all services currently available to them.


For part-time students, changes will include:

  • Two (2) positions on the TCSA Board of Directors will be designated to part-time students. Along with this change, any Board seats are now able be filled by any part-time or full-time student.
  • One (1) paid part-time student staff position to be created within the TCSA office to oversee the transition period.
  • Part-time students will have the opportunity to opt-in to the TCSA Transit pass for the same rate as full-time students.


In regards to the Student Benefits Plan being administered by the TCSA, any students taking 1.5 credits or less will be able to opt-in to the plan. Whereas, any student who is taking two (2) credits and above will automatically be enrolled into the benefit plan and have the option to opt-out providing proof of alternative coverage.


The TCSA will now represent all undergraduate students at Trent University. We would like the welcome all part-time students into our association.




For more information, please contact:

Alaine Spiwak, President, Trent Central Student Association

705-748-1011, ext. 6174 or

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