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ATM Service Disruption

The TCSA has experienced another security breach with regards to the ATMs provided on campus. This year the ATMs have been broken into three times, resulting in service disruptions. The latest breach occurred over the holidays on December 25 in Otonabee College.


We are unsure at this time if and when the ATM will be replaced and are working with Trent Campus Security to better secure both the ATMs and the colleges in general, in hopes of preventing future thefts.


We ask for your patience in providing ATM service on campus; the machines in Champlain College, Blackburn, the Athletics Complex and Traill College are still in place and functioning at this time.


If anyone has any information with regards to these criminal activities, we ask that you please contact Trent Campus Security or the Peterborough Police, who are currently investigating.


Thank you.

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