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Bata Library Closure

The TCSA would like to reach out to all students to ensure that everyone is aware of the closure of Bata Library from May 2017 until May 2018 due to renovations. Immediately following the spring exam period, the library will be completely closed to students and they will begin removing all the books and library equipment to an off-campus location—potentially downtown. There will be no access to the building including study spaces, computers, and printers. This also includes the Tim Hortons and the seating in the surrounding area. The library will run a small kiosk somewhere on campus where students can request books to be sent to campus daily when they need to access any resources; the IT desk is also being relocated for the duration of the renovations. We do not know where either of these services will be located on campus as of now. The TCSA has been told that IT and the Bata staff are working on plans to offer alternative study space and access to computers. Details are still to come. It is important to note that the Student Center will not be open until September of 2017, and students are advised to find alternate study spaces.

As part of these changes, 50 percent of the print collection (books, printed journals, etc.) will be discarded. This will take place over the duration of the library closure, with the discarded books hopefully being donated. There are still conversations to be had about what the process looks like. The renovations will include a new HVAC system, general building updates, new study rooms and technology, and the ‘Research and Innovation Cluster’ on the main floor of the building

The TCSA is committed to informing students about these changes and collecting their feedback to make the closure as easy as possible for returning students next year. To that end we have created a survey to begin these conversations, provided through the link below. The university is also forming a committee of students to consult on the implementation of alternative library services and study space for next year. The TCSA representatives on this committee are Pippa O’Brien and Anna Leonova, who can be reached at or, respectively, if you have any questions, feedback or concerns on this issue. Finally, we have organized an information session for January 20th from 12pm until 2pm in OCA 206, during which there will hopefully be a presentation from one of the librarians. We will answer any questions to the best of our ability, as well as collect feedback.

Bata Library 2017/18 Closure Impacts Survey: click here

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