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Transit: announcement

The TCSA is aware of service issues surrounding Transit this year. Please know that we share in your frustrations and concerns. We are experiencing major delays due to congestion and road construction that are preventing our buses from staying on schedule. Each trip to and from campus should take 40 minutes. Unfortunately, trips are taking closer to 45-50 minutes, effectively throwing subsequent runs off of their schedule.

The most problematic of these delays is occurring in the morning from approximately 8:15-9:00am as cars and buses attempt to access the campus and East Bank via Nassau Mills road, creating a major delay on Water St. Every minute the bus sits and waits at this delay is a minute they are now off schedule for their next run. Construction downtown has also created an evening backlog starting at around 4:00pm for buses returning to the terminal.

We have been in discussion with officials at City Transit and have a few fixes scheduled to be implemented ASAP in an attempt to address these delays. We hope these changes will prove effective. Changes will be announced as soon as they have been confirmed. Questions, concerns, or suggestions please email

In the meantime, here are a few tips to help alleviate some of the issues:

1. At Bata you can load at the front and back doors.

2. As your transit pass works for both Trent and city routes, those living between the Zoo and campus can also take the George North bus.

3. Make room for your fellow students by moving to the back of the bus and removing your backpacks and setting them on your lap or the floor.

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