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Notice of Board Resolution - re: Referendum

This message is to all members of the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) in advance of the Spring Electoral Period. Due to ongoing discussions that will result in the production of a comprehensive Levy Policy for TCSA members, the Board of Directors has put limits on referenda for Spring 2019. Please note the following resolution:

Whereas discussion regarding levy group policy is ongoing and pending approval by members of the Association in the 2019 Spring Elections & Referenda, be it resolved that no petitions for the initiation of new levy group fees be accepted for the 2019 Spring Electoral Period.

Due to this resolution, any petitions requesting new levy fees shall not be considered by the Board when referenda are brought forward for inclusion on the spring ballot. Questions regarding elections or referenda can be directed to the TCSA’s Chief Electoral Officer, Matthew Seaby, by emailing

Questions regarding Levy Policy can be directed to the Association’s Vice President Clubs & Groups, Cydney Habraken, by emailing

Please note that once policy discussions have concluded, the Board will be able to move forward with a Levy Policy referendum question for the Spring Electoral Period to be voted on by members of the TCSA.

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