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In order to address accessibility for Trent students, staff and faculty, the TCSA and Peterborough Transit were asked to incorporate into the East Bank service a stop at the DNA Building. Beginning January 7th, with the weekend service, the new DNA stop will come into effect. The new service route will see the bus travel past Pioneer Road (current route to Gzowski) and continue instead on Nassau Mills Road to East Bank Drive (Otonabee College entrance). The bus will continue along this road up to the DNA Building stop before continuing to Gzowski.

This accommodation will increase the time of the outbound trip (terminal to Trent) by 5 minutes. This increase in trip time means we can no longer run a nice "every twenty minutes" schedule for the East Bank, so please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the new schedule. The addition of a DNA stop impacts the East Bank, West Bank (late night buses), weekend and holiday schedules. All new schedules are now posted at Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns with this new service and we will address and adjust things where possible. We ask for your patience with the new schedules as we work out conflicts that may arise.

Please note that the TCSA office will be closed starting December 23rd and will reopen on January 9th. Thank you everyone, and have a fantastic holiday!

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