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Clubs and Groups Summer Funding Form

The Summer Funding deadline for clubs funding is August 1, 2018.


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Please be sure to upload a copy of your receipt(s) at the bottom of this form.


I understand that two representatives of my club must attend Leadership Assembly (LEC Pit, Sept 23rd 2017, 10:30-5PM) in order to be approved as a Club/Group, to receive funding.

If I cannot attend, I must email to arrange a training time.

I understand that my club will only be considered for funding once per semester.

I understand that I must provide a correct and up-to-date budget to be used by the Funding Committee as reasoning for the amount requested, and that all items exceeding $200 must have an explanation of expenditures. Otherwise, our funding application may be delayed. I understand that I can use the Sample Budget ( to help guide me in creating the budget.

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A sample budget can be found on our Clubs page (

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