Registered Clubs - Updated Mar 7 2019

Accounting Society, Trent

The Trent Accounting Society is a non-profit organization that gives students the chance to improve and master their accounting skills.

Our mission is to be student association committed to the goal of providing all students of Trent University, regardless of their specific degree, with the information regarding Accounting, and the Accounting Specialization. Our organization will provide students with conference information, peer study groups, and the opportunity to interact with students and accountant professionals.

African Caribbean Student Union, Trent (TACSU)

TACSU is a student group under the Trent International Students’ Association (TISA). The group’s main focus is to provide students within Trent (Canadian and International Students alike) with exposure to the cultures of Africa and the Caribbean. TACSU is open to all who are willing and interested without regards to race, ethnicity or religious beliefs.

Follow us on social media!
Facebook: @tacsugroup
Twitter: @TACSUgroup
Instagram: @tacsu
Snapchat: tacsugroup
Youtube: TACSUtrentu

All Nations Youth (ANY) Trent on Campus

ANY (All Nations Youth) Trent on Campus is a gathering of Trent students who gather every Sunday to worship our Lord. Come out socialize and have fun!

Anime Society, Trent
Amanda Carlisle

Classy individuals enjoying classy shows

Anthropology Society, Trent

A Student group from Trent University in Peterborough that wishes to aid students in their search to learn and further their interest in Anthropology.

We host pub nights, movie nights among other events for Trent Students to enjoy and get a little taste of anthropology.

Facebook: @TrentAnthropologySociety

Archery, Trent
Jean-Luc Lemery

Trent Archery Club is a group of dedicated students who study, practice or play with the sport of archery to expand our knowledge and abilities in archery on and off campus. Trent Archery club is officially a TSCA Club and will be hosting a meeting in the coming future to review our order of affairs.

Trent Archery Club Practices in the Peterborough Multisport Club on 275 Rink St. Unit 14 on Thursday nights from 8pm to 10pm and Sunday nights from 6pm to 8pm. Possibly Day-Time Slot coming soon!

Our club fees are the following:
$10 your first night, $5 a night afterwards for drop in.

Level 1 (1 day a week)
$50 a semester (Thursday OR Sundays)
$80 a year (Thursday OR Sundays)

Level 2 (2-3 days a week) - includes at home competitive fees:
$85 a semester
$120 a year

Contact us at
Facebook group:

Arts and Crafts Club, Trent


We are a Trent club focusing on giving students a chance to relax and have fun in between classes and exams! Email us if you have any questions, concerns, comments or ideas for craft activities:

Check out our Instagram as well: @trentartscrafts

Badminton Club, Trent
Dylan Armstrong

The Trent Badminton Club is a fun place for people of all skill levels to get together to play badminton. The Trent Badminton Club meets every Monday and Thursday from 2pm to 4pm at the Trent Athletic Centre. Come out and join us for some fun games and great competition!

Ballet Club, Trent

The Trent Ballet Club is a safe and accepting environment for those interested in practicing ballet concepts and exercises. We are a group of people with a passion for ballet and dance! Join us for FREE if you are interested in learning or continuing your ballet pursuit.

Baseball, Trent
Basil Pappas

Biology Undergraduate Society

The Biology Undergraduate Society exists to provide biology students with an opportunity to meet and interact with other biology students. Stay up to date with our events!

Follow us on Instagram for a follow back: @trentbugs

Book Club, Trent

The Trent Book Club is comprised of a group of students who are passionate about reading and wish to maintain this habit through a community of book-lovers in which they can discuss and critique the works that they are reading.

Boxing Club, Trent
Jasmine Quinn

Trent Boxing Club is located at the Trent Athletic Centre. It is in memory of Jake Stanley, a talented local boxer. Stop in and try out a class, get in shape and have fun doing it! No Membership fees but accepting donations for Team55 (Suicide Prevention). Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! :)

Business Student Association, Trent

We are a student-run organization dedicated to providing fun and beneficial events for Business students at Trent University.

The Trent Business Students’ Association was founded in 1998 by a group of dedicated Trent Business Students who saw the need for an extra-curricular side to the Business Administration Program at Trent University. From that simple starting point, those students developed a vision of the ideal student organization; one which encompasses personal and professional development, academic enrichment, social networking, and in all generality, a feeling of belonging for those students associated with Trent Business.

Since that time, the Trent Business Students’ Association has become an integral and respected counterpart of the Business Administration Program; providing academic support and enrichment, social networking and event opportunities, community support, and the opportunity for Trent Business Students to prove themselves in the field of intramural athletics. We aspire to challenge and assist Trent Business to continually progress toward a diverse and unique school of business.

Follow us on social media:
Facebook: @thetbsa
Twitter: @thetbsa
Instagram: @the_tbsa

Catholic Council of Trent

The Catholic Council of Trent is an organization of Trent University. It is a university community with a diverse group of students, nurtured and inspired by the Holy Spirit. We are students who wish to grow in our knowledge and wisdom through our faith and prayer. As a university community, we are passionate in encouraging one another to live in faith, hope, love and trust. We care called to build a Catholic community with spiritual growth and formation of everlasting faith. The Catholic Council of Trent reaches out to the Peterborough community through social justice work as well as to provide opportunities to practice and learn about Catholicism through regular student Masses and other faith-based events.

Cheerleading Team, Trent

Trent University's Competitive Collegiate Level 4 Co-Ed Cheerleading Team!

Find us on social media:
Facebook: @TrentCheerleading
Twitter: @TrentUCheer
Instagram: @trentcheerleading
Youtube: Trent Cheerleading

First Place - FunFest 2016
Fourth Place - University Open 2016
Second Place - WInterfest 2017
First Place - Ontario Championships 2017

Chess Club
Basil Pappas

Chinese Student Association, Trent University (TUCSA)

Welcome to Trent University Chinese Student Association! We give help and provide all kinds of information to all international students, mainly to Chinese students. Come join us today!!

Christians for Trent

United in Christ to Bless Our Trent Family ? Galatians 6:10

Christians for Trent is a group of Christian students committed to sharing Jesus' love on campus through service, prayer, and dialogue about faith. We have a close relationship with many local churches in Peterborough and are interdenominational by design.

Join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter: @TrentOikos

Computer Science Society, Trent
Waun Broderick

The Trent Computer Science Society is focused on creating opportunities for Trent students in the technology field across all majors.

Cross Country, Trent
Matthew Melo

Dance Team, Trent

The Trent Dance Team is comprised of two groups:

  1. The Recreational Team: this team is for dancers of any level (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and would like to improve their technique through classes offered weekly. Styles offered include jazz, contemporary, tap, hip hop and acro.
  2. The Competitive Team: through an audition process, a select group of dancers are chosen to compete at university dance competitions and local events throughout the year. Within the competitive team, there are a hip hop and a jazz/contemporary team. This team has a higher commitment level (around 3 times a week), as we rehearse to perfect our dances for the competition season. 

We encourage ALL DANCERS to come out to auditions to learn more about the Trent Dance Team. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Instagram: @trentudance

Debate Society, Trent

Trent's Debate Society meets Wednesdays at 5pm in GSC 117
Weekly debates CP and BP Styles. No experience necessary.


We are the Education Undergraduate Community at Trent!

Find us on Facebook: @queenstrentcesa

Enactus Trent
Marlee Lunshof

Follow us on Instagram! @enactustrent

English Student Society, Trent
Amandia Bouzinelos

TESS is a student organization designed to help TrentU English students to come together and share information, ideas, and support. Feel free to use this forum to get the word out about anything that might be of interest to your fellow English students, such as events, contests, and web links.

Equestrian Team, Trent
Emily Templeman

The Trent Equestrian Team, founded in 2004, is a derivative of the club. The team travels all over Ontario competing in the Ontario University Equestrian Association (OUEA). The OUEA is a complete catch ride based circuit in which riders show on horses they have never ridden before.
The team is determined through tryouts held at the beginning of the academic year. Equestrians of all skill levels can compete, ranging from beginner flat to 3' over fences.

The team takes weekly lessons with Kevin Sweeney at Kildare Stables. Lessons range in accordance to your experience. 

For more information about the team please email us at

Follow us on social media:
Facebook: Trent Equestrian Team
Twitter: @TrentEq
Instagram: @trentequestrian

Fashion Society, Trent

The annual Trent Fashion Society is a student-based charity event, showcasing various local talents and fashions while raising money for an important charity group in our community. It is organized and planned completely by Trent University (Ontario) students, and is composed as a whole of dedicated and talented members belonging to the Peterborough and Trent community.

This past year, we have chosen the YWCA Peterborough Haliburton Crossroads Shelter for abused women and their children, to be the charity for Trent Fashion Show.
In addition, we have invited representatives from Peterborough's Youth Emergency Shelter on Hunter Street, to collect gently used clothing donations from our guests at the event door.

At Trent Fashion Show, we strive to include models of all shapes, sizes, races, religions, gender associations, and abilites, looking past the Western white beauty ideals of today, and instead focusing on the inner confidence and bigger beauty of tomorrow. We are building self worth and friendships, gaining experience, expressing the love of art and raising money for a charity while promoting local talents.

Find us on Facebook: Trent Fashion Society

Flashing Lights
Andrina Lewis

We are a flashmob group at Trent full of members who love to create and spread positivity and joy! If you love to dance, act, sing, paint, draw, or just have fun, then this may be the best group for you! We invite everyone from all backgrounds with many talents. The more, the merrier!

Forensic Science Society

The Forensic Science Society is a student-run organization at Trent University, located in Peterborough, Ontario. The Society is made up of Core BScFS (Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science) and Joint-Major students seeking to obtain a degree in the ever-growing field of forensic science. The Forensic Science Society functions as a way to run forensic-related events in order to connect students with one another within the program. The Society creates opportunities to advance students' educational interests while creating a sense of community within the forensics program.

Contact us:
Facebook: Trent University Forensic Science Society
Twitter: @TrentFSS
Instagram: @TrentFSS

Or, feel free to contact one of the executive members if you have any questions!


French Club, Trent

Welcome to the Trent French Club where you can have fun speaking French!

Follow us on Instagram: @trentfrenchclub

Future Vet Club
Aleesa Schubert

The Trent Future Vet Club is a group where Trent University students with an interest in veterinary medicine can get together, meet new people, and learn more about the profession. 

Aleesa Schubert

Sam Hoover

Game Development Club, Trent

The Trent Game Development Club focuses on the development of video games and all things associated with it. Students can come to learn the process of creating video games, and things such as game and art design, programming, audio creation, and industry research.

For more information, visit : *website under construction*

Geography Society, Trent University (TUGS)

TUGS (Trent University Geography Society) organizes mostly outdoor events for ALL Trent students. Check us camping, hiking, rock climbing, at film screenings, and more!

Get Real, Trent

Get REAL is a student-driven non-profit, that seeks to eliminate LGBTQ discrimination and bullying, and promote inclusivity for everyone. Join us at Trent!

What is Get REAL?

Our primary mandate is to speak to students in person - at our high school and middle school presentations. 

Our secondary mandate is to produce creative content - videos, social media, tech - that raises awareness of these issues. Our content has been featured on Much Music, CTV, and Global National News, to name a few. 

We operate as campus divisions, and currently have official teams at Western, Guelph, Mount Allison, Queens, Conestoga, Ottawa U, Laurier, Trent, and a roaming team based in the GTA. We are the proud partner of S-Trip!, a young and exciting student travel company that believes in our vision of redefining what it means to be a young person who stands for everything we stand for. 

Our Trent chapter will work to eliminate homophobia on campus, and raise awareness for the various issues facing the LGBTQ community. We will be hosting events, awareness campaigns, and parties throughout the school year to support our cause! All are welcome to join, whether you identify as a part of the LGBTQ community or you are just an ally, we are looking to expand our team with excited, passionate, and fun loving individuals! Contact if you are interested in joining.

Twitter: @GetREALTrent
Instagram: @getrealtrentu

Golf, Trent
Shaun Nichols

Greco-Roman Enthusiasts at Trent

We are your friendly lovers of all things Greek and Roman! We host events throughout the school year and promote the study of classics

Green Party Trent

We are a group based out of Trent University that wants to encourage environmentally friendly policy and change.

History Undergraduate Society, Trent (THUGS)

The Trent History Undergraduate Society (THUGS) is a student led group at Trent University's Peterborough campus that is devoted to the promotion of everything History related in the Trent Community.

We aim to foster a strong connection between all History students, faculty, administrative bodies, and other student organizations at Trent; and to promote the importance of History and studying it. We do this by hosting a number of academic and social events throughout the year that bring together students and faculty in settings outside of the classroom where stronger bonds and lively discussion take place.

Find us on Social Media to stay in the loop with THUGS:
Facebook: Trent History Undergraduate Society
Twitter: @TrentHistoryUGS

Jiu Jitsu Club

The Trent University Jiu Jitsu Club was established in 1993, and has been a fixture of both the Trent community, and of Peterborough’s martial arts community, ever since. Training at our club is inclusive to both Trent students and community members. New members, including complete beginners, are always welcome, and your first week is free to try.

We train every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30-10:30pm in the Athletic Centre. Come try it out!

Facebook: @trentjitsu
Instagram: @trentjitsu

Law and Arts Society

League of Extraordinary Gamers

Trent University's League of Extraordinary Gamers We are the Trent gaming club, the League of Extraordinary Gamers. We will post announcements for events that will be happening throughout the year. Join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter: @TrentUGamers

Magic The Gathering Community, Trent

Trent Magic the Gathering Community is a group of people who play Magic the Gathering (MTG). MTG is a game that involves many people with different backgrounds and experience to come together in a friendly and competitive environment. MTG is a trading card game that uses strategy, teamwork, communication, and planning while still being simple to learn and enjoyable. We are able to teach anyone interested in learning the game, and we are able to provide the necessary tools during meetings to learn the game. All experience levels welcome!

Marketing Association, Trent

The Trent Marketing Association also known as the 'TMA' is for students to extend their passion or find a passion in the world of marketing.

Our mission is to assist members in attaining the level of marketing experience they require for the real world. Embracing the Trent University way of thinking different and giving our members the tools they need to enhance their future and discover new opportunities through the world of marketing.

Muslim Student Association, Trent

TMSA is a student run non-profit organization. It was founded to serve Muslims at Trent that come from all around the World. Also, to build good relations with all Trent students and the Peterborough community through different events.

Your 2017-2018 TMSA Team is:
President: Mohammad Samkari
Vice-President: Widad Almeskiri
Director of Finance: Celine Daher
Director of Events: Mohammed Umer
Director of Publicity: Wiaam Almeskiri

Find us on Instagram: @trentmuslim

Optimist Club, Trent
Samantha Krizel

Spreading Optimism across Trent U campus while raising money to help children and youth within the Peterborough community!

Organization for Hispanic and Latino Awareness (HOLA)
Daniela Leal

HOLA is dedicated to create a space for students of Latin American and Hispanic background to demonstrate their culture; it also encourages the participation of students of other backgrounds and ethnicity who are interested in learning from and experiencing Latin American and Hispanic cultures.

Instagram: @hola.trent

Penpal Program, Trent

Do you enjoy writing and receiving letters? Do you like working with children? If so, TRENT PENPALS is the right program for you!

The Trent Penpal Program aims to promote literacy skills in Peterborough elementary students, particularly students in grades one to three.

Throughout the year, you will be writing letters to and receiving letters from an elementary student. Three days of the year, you will also get the opportunity to meet and spend the day with your little penpal!

If this interests you, please e-mail Find us on Facebook: Trent University Penpal Program

Peterborough Social Work Society, Trent

BSW students here to promote awareness of social justice and social inequalities!


Find us in Lady Eaton College, North 125

Pre-Law Society, Trent University
Kelly Rintoul

The Trent Pre-law Society aims to educate students about legal issues, legal education, and the legal profession through cooperation with legal professionals and educators.

The Pre-Law Society acts as a resource to students who are considering legal careers and provides access to learning materials and information sessions on all aspects of law school application and admissions. 

Pre-Medical Society, Trent University

For all persons interested in any and all fields of medicine, from M.D., D.O, Pathology, Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary, Dentistry and any other medically related area. If you ever thought of or are thinking of pursuing this field we want to provide a place that students can post their questions, suggestions and concerns, meet people and make friendships, gather information and learn about a possible medical career. 

Facebook Group Page:

Psychology Undergraduate Society

PUGS wants to connect you with the rest of the Psychological community at Trent U.

Outside of connecting everyone with some great Psychology related Trent swag, we host study/academics events dedicated to the discipline of Psychology as well as events that foster the Canadian university experience.

For those who want to know more about the post-graduate or thesis Psychology experience at Trent, volunteer with us and get the opportunity to chat with one of our many members! We all love Psychology, and we appreciate all the help we can get to make another great year!

For those who want to know more about the post-graduate or thesis Psychology experience at Trent, volunteer with us and get the opportunity to chat with one of our many members! We all love Psychology, and we appreciate all the help we can get to make another great year!

Ringette Association, Trent
Brooke Peters

Welcome to the fastest game on ice! Like and follow our page for updates, tournament dates, news, events, and photos!

Follow us on Twitter: @TrentURingette

Rowing Club, Trent
Hailey Guertin

Trent University Rowing Club Varsity Team, now entering its 48th Season.

Athletes interested in rowing at Trent should contact our Recruitment Agent:

Sailing Association, Trent University

Welcome to Trent U Sailing! We are a new association at Trent inviting all students to come try out sailing and get involved in the sport. Come join us!

Scared Scriptless Improv Team
Emily Hean or Mary Murphy

Scared Scriptless Improv Team (SSIT), is an organization of Trent University Students aiming to bring improv education and performance to the Peterborough area.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, Trent

The Trent Science Fiction and Fantasy Club is an organisation formed to promote interest in science fiction and fantasy, and to serve members of the Trent community with these interests in all their forms.

For general inquiries, or to be added to our mailing list, e-mail us at

Live long and prosper, and may the Force be with you always!

Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Students (SUMS)

The Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Students (SUMS) is the department's math club, run by our undergraduate students. SUMS organizes activities throughout the year and encourages interested students to join.

Contact Information:
Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Students (SUMS)
c/o Department of Mathematics 
Trent University 
#327 Science Complex
2151 East Bank Drive 
Peterborough, ON 
Canada K9L 1Z8 

Join our Facebook group:

South Asian Association at Trent (SAAT)

Creating South Asian Awareness at Trent and in Peterborough! Bhangra, Bollywood, Henna, you name it we got it! SAAT is a South Asian organization that acts as an outlet to provide events for people to meet each other while still preserving the rich culture. It also acts as a means for the greater community to learn about, understand, and celebrate the South Asian Culture.

SAAT recognizes the celebrations and struggles South Asian communities have to face and promotes its culture so it is well known in Peterborough! Whether it be Eid, Diwali, or holding dances, this organization can't wait to show what South Asians are all about!

Southeast Asian Organization, Trent (TSEAO)

The Trent South East Asian Organization was established with the aim of representing the Southeast Asian students and culture at Trent. We hope to share the rich and highly diversified cultural heritage of Southeast Asian countries in addition to encouraging a higher level of cultural awareness among the Trent and Peterborough community.

Twitter: @TrentSoutheastA

Spanish Club, Trent

We are a club at Trent University that hopes to give students the opportunity to practice their Spanish conversational skills through a variety of activities. 

Instagram: @TrentSpanish

Stem Cell Club, Trent

Trent chapter of the Stem Cell Club. Follow us for more information on future drive dates, volunteering, and what we do! 

Twitter: @TrentStemCell 
Instagram: @TrentStemCell 

Student Association for International Development (SAID)

SAID is committed to providing a space for students to discuss and explore issues pertaining to international development.
Facebook page:

Synchronized Swimming Club, Trent

Join Trent synchro next September! Recreational and varsity teams mean no past experience is fine by us! If you can swim just come by and try out! 

Find us on Instagram: @trentsynchro

Tennis Club, Trent

Trent's Tennis Club wants to offer students the fun opportunity to learn, play, refine, and practice Tennis at their own pace and skill set.

Our vision for the 2017/2018 school year is to evolve from a tennis club to the Trent University Tennis competitive team. We can achieve it; together with the help of our committed executive team and motivated team members. The Trent Tennis Club is all about teaching and learning about each other and we believe that if we combine the expertise and energy of all new and old member; we can reach our goal!

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Trent U Fellowship

The Redeemed Christian Church of God Trent University Fellowship is a campus Christian fellowship where we meet to share the word of God and do fun activities together.

Undergraduate Physics Society, Trent (TUPhS)

In order to be in physics you need a community there to support you. Physics is one of the most difficult subjects there is to study and without support one would not be able to flourish. The physics club makes it their mission to make this community the strongest academic community at Trent and to provide support for all students in physics. We want to spread the research that Trent in doing in the Peterborough area in order to recruit future students into our department.

Vegan Society, Trent

The Trent Vegan Society is a club at TrentU. We organize potlucks, movie nights, activist events and so much more! Vegans and non-vegans welcomed!

Visual Arts Network, Trent

A network of visual artists within Trent and the Peterborough community. We host lots of creative workshops and events, and even help other groups make their events more fun and artistic!  Contact for more information or to get in touch with our executives. 

Wildlife Society, Trent University
Brenda Martinez

For students and professionals interested in wildlife. We are a student chapter of the Wildlife Society ( ) and we host both educational speaker and a workshop/ field event once a month. Membership is $5 and that gets you a discounted rate for events. please email for more information, or to be added to the email list!

World Action Council, Trent

Trent World Action Council is a group of students at Trent University that are dedicated to bettering their campus community and the broader society.

Writers Society, Trent

 Trent Writers Society is a club that aims to help unite and foster writing and writers, both on campus and in the Peterborough area.

Trent Writer’s Society is a club for those who enjoy writing. Simple as that. 

We love all genres, abilities, and are truly just aiming to help our members create, discuss, network, and support each other. We have meetings once a week in the Student Centre room 2.06; this is where we write, share and just generally have a good time. There are also monthly events, for those of the more social variety, and speakers and workshops for those of the more educational.

Yoga Society, Trent

Centred around integrative yogic activities to help students at Trent University live a yogic lifestyle. Yoga can make a profound difference in a students life in regards to stress levels and general health. The Trent Yoga Society brings yoga to the Trent community in an integrative, whole way encompassing the following styles of yoga: Hatha (physical posture practice), Jnana (path of knowledge), Karma (path of work and service), Kundalini (meditation energy work), Bhatki (path of love and devotion) and Raja (path of pointed meditation).

Youth Entrepreneurship Society, Trent

TYES is a brand new club at the Trent University Campus in Peterborough. We're focused on bringing entrepreneurs together to build a community of success.