VP Clubs & Groups

Honoraria & Work Term:


Incoming two week shadow period:

  • 10 hrs/wk

  • $164.10/wk

Remainder of term (including exam periods and reading weeks):

  • $328.20/wk @ 20 hrs/wk (10 hours minimum in the TCSA office)
  • May bank up to 40 lieu hrs over course of the term, which may be used to cover reading wk
  • 20 days paid vacation (10 to occur during winter break)

  • 5 paid sick days
; access to additional paid sick days for appropriate medical issues
  • Statutory holiday pay (20% of 4-week average if holiday falls on a vacation day)
  • Vacation pay (4% of gross)

Description Summary:

  • Be the chief organizer for the Association’s efforts and role in Frost Week activities & programming, and assist the Association in its efforts and role in Orientation Week.
  • Maintain open communication and active ties with Trent University’s Levy Groups.
  • Seek to promote accountability and transparency between students and the University’s levy groups. 

  • Oversee the production of an annual Levy Groups booklet to inform Trent Students about levies.
  • Oversee the clubs funding services of the Association, including Clubs and Groups Day, registration, club funding, workshops, and year-end appreciation initiatives. 

  • Be responsible for the organization of all club space on behalf of the Association & organize the presence of all clubs & groups in the Student Centre
  • Chair the Clubs & Groups Funding and Approval Committee.
  • Actively promote and increase the benefits available to student clubs registered with the Association.
  • Be responsible for raising awareness of all club events in an effort to reduce scheduling conflicts between clubs, as well as the Association.
  • Publish a year-end financial support list to publicize the Association’s funding of Student Clubs & Groups.
  • Sit & take minutes for the Events Committee in the organization of at least one social, campaign, or educational 
activity per month during the academic year on behalf of the Association.
  • Be responsible, with the assistance of the Association Resource Manager, for completing the Executive exit survey & any transition documentation.
  • Shared front desk responsibilities when needed.