The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is internationally recognized as proof of full-time student status. More than 130 countries world wide participate in this program. Whether you are travelling home or abroad, this card is a must!

At home, ISIC holders receive a 25% discount on Greyhound bus fares, discounts on VIA Rail and various hotel chains, and in-store and online discounts for various entertainment, software, and apparel products across Canada.

Abroad, ISIC holders receive discounts on travel, accommodation, and entrance into historical and entertainment venues.

Only full-time students are eligible to apply for an ISIC. ISICs are offered free to members of the CFS (any member of the TCSA is also a member of the CFS). Full-time students who are not members of the TCSA, but would like to apply for an ISIC, can pay $15.

To apply for your card fill out the online form below.