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Announcement Regarding Student Safety on Campus

Striving to make Trent a safe place for everyone has always been a priority of the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA). 

In light of recent changes to campus climate, the TCSA would like to send the following message:

We encourage all students who may be experiencing discrimination or harassment, or who may feel unsafe on campus, to report these instances to the university. When it comes to student safety, it is important that things are on the record so that the administration is equipped with the information they need to take any possible action, and to reduce the risk of repeated instances going unnoticed.

We recognize that not everyone will feel comfortable approaching Trent Security or the administration, and as such, we encourage students to reach out to the TCSA for assistance. If requested, we will coordinate for someone to go with you when filing a report. Please note that reports can be filed by by–standers, and students can request that no follow up action be taken against any individuals. If you would like assistance approaching the university, please contact:

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