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Update: Library Closure Meeting and Clarifications from Previous Post

The Information Session on January 20th from 12 to 2pm will now be in GCS 115, to accommodate more people.  We have also received confirmation on attendance from Robert Clarke, University Librarian, Dr. Neil Emery, Vice President Research and Innovation, and Kent Stringham, Associate Vice President Facilities Management. They will all be presenting different elements of the Bata renovations, including looking at the closure and the university’s vision for the future of the library (what it will look like after the renovations). We encourage anyone who is available to come to this meeting, and prepare any questions you have for them.

There has also been some confusion concerning the process of how the original decision to renovate Bata Library was made. To our understanding it went to the Board of Governors of the University in the spring and summer of 2016, and then the university applied to the federal government for the grant. This lead to a moratorium on talking about the renovations until the grant was announced in October. The details of the actual closure of the library for a year was not clear in any of the original announcements, and the TCSA only received word of the closure in December during exams. In December, Board of Governors of the University also approved the project to go ahead, as referenced in the announcement on myTrent. Any decisions pertaining to the renovations were never brought to the TCSA Board of Directors for a vote, and we had no role in the process or decision of the library closure, to clear up any confusion. Once the TCSA heard the details of the closure we let students know as soon as possible, and decided it was our responsibility to create ways for students to be educated about what is happening and provide feedback. The university did not ask us to do this, but rather the TCSA felt that it was our responsibility to the students to step up.

If you have not had a chance to fill out the survey, we encourage you to do and attend the information session. Please see our previous statement for the rest of the details on the closure.

Bata Library 2017/18 Closure Impacts Survey: click here


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