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TCSA Elections: Statement from Elections Committee

The elections committee wishes to affirm that each of the candidates running in spring 2017 elections has the right to use aspects of their personal identity as a part of their political platform. These identities often inform significant political messages that are an important part of the diversity of student politics here at Trent. The content of campaigns is generally left to the discretion of the candidates, so long as they abide by the Trent Discrimination & Anti-Harassment policies, the TCSA's own by-laws & elections rules, and the judgements of the elections committee.

The campaigns that the committee has had the pleasure of approving for this electoral period have worked very hard to abide by rules put forward. If any concerns regarding campaigns emerge, please email 
elections@trentcentral.caWe encourage all members of the Trent community to continue to respectfully engage with the candidates and their platforms.

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