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TCSA Website Privacy and Information
Since November 2016, the TCSA website has experienced several website security breaches. We have repeatedly attempted to address the issues since November, and for a time our website appeared secure. Unfortunately on February 28 our website was compromised yet again and although we worked quickly to secure our data, we were made aware that information pertaining to the administration of our Consignment Book Program was posted online for a short time before being flagged by Trent University and removed. Included in this posted information were the names and the trentu email addresses of those who utilized our Consignment Book Program to sell their consignment books. 
Trent IT has been made aware of this breach of information and do not believe the breach to be of considerable concern. In addition, our website developer and host believe our website to now be secure. However, in order to prevent private information from being shared in the future, we are removing all email addresses from our database and will not include this information in our database when listing new books on our site. All information stored on our site will be public information.
The TCSA apologizes for this privacy breach and are dedicated to ensure future privacy breaches do not occur. Please address any questions or concerns to Tracy Milne, Operations Manager at

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