Transportation Bursary

The TCSA is pleased to offer a transportation assistance bursary, available to any registered Trent University student who meets the criteria outlined below:

  1. Demonstration of financial need; students must be in receipt of OSAP, Canada part time student loans, Native Band funding, or the government financial aid program of their home province. Students must be in receipt of funding for the current term.

  2. Live off Peterborough city transit routes or are unable to ride the bus for medical reasons.

  3. Have been charged, through their student account, the TCSA Transit Pass fee.

Students May apply in the month in which they start at Trent, during the following deadlines:

  • September-start: September 1 - 30

  • January-start: January 1 - 30

To apply for the Transportation Assistance Bursary, please complete the application below.