Clubs & Groups Day is hosted and sponsored twice each year by the TCSA. As the event grows each year, it becomes even more important for student organizations to register in advance. Fall Clubs & Groups Day will be held on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 from 10am to 4pm on Bata Podium.

The TCSA can provide each group with one table and two chairs. Please do not bring your own tables or chairs. Power sources and other extras will not be provided. If required, please send a request via TCSA cannot supply clubs/groups with artistic supplies, please come prepared with your own. Any member of your group perceived to be acting inappropriately may be requested to leave the event.

If you have questions at anytime regarding Clubs & Groups Day, please contact:


By signing up for Clubs and Groups Day, I understand that I will be representing my organization and that my submission will be representative of my organization. Therefore, WE will abide by the following:

  1. Audio/Visual aids will be permitted to be used during the event, with the understanding that the contents will not be discriminatory or inappropriate according to Trent's Discrimination and Harassment Policy (

  2. In the event that our contents make others feel uncomfortable and complaints are filed, WE understand that:

    1. Upon the first complaint, WE will be asked to change our content to remove the offending media if the complaints are deemed appropriate by the TCSA.

    2. If a second appropriate complaint is received, WE will remove our audio/visual aids for the remainder of the event.

    3. If a third appropriate complaint is received, WE will remove ourselves and our organization from participating in the event, effective immediately. Being asked to leave may also impact our future ability to participate in Clubs and Groups events.