About the TCSA

The Trent Central Student Association is a union run for, and by all undergraduate students at Trent University. We're a non-profit organization that helps students share ideas, create change, gain new skills and access help and support while at university. 

The TCSA represents the interests of its members to all levels of government and university administration. We are also a member of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). As a local member of the CFS, the TCSA is committed to bringing about necessary educational, administrative, and legislative changes in areas affecting students.

In addition to advocacy and lobby efforts, the TCSA also provides a variety of services and events for its members including a Used Book Consignment program, student discount map, free student agenda, a student benefits plan, social events, campaigns, workshops, and more.

The TCSA is governed by a Board of Directors made up of representatives from each college cabinet, as well as an executive committee and equity commissioners elected annually from the membership at large. General elections are held each March, with the term in office beginning in April and lasting for a full twelve months.

The TCSA also supports and sponsors more than 70 student clubs and groups on campus.

The Association continually works to improve and expand the scope of its advocacy, activities, and programs. Students are encouraged to communicate ideas and opinions to their elected representatives on the TCSA Board of Directors, to participate and become involved in the activities of the Association, and to exercise their voting and membership privileges.

Visit us on the second floor of the Student Centre to learn more about what we do!

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