The Student Centre


The Student Centre is Trent University's newest addition to Symons Campus--a beautiful, three-story facility located on the West Bank between Bata Library and the Athletics Centre with great views of the Otonabee River.

The Student Centre houses:

  • A two-storey, 200-seat lecture hall

  • A tiered 100-seat lecture hall

  • An active learning classroom

  • Outdoor and indoor seating

  • Quiet study spaces

  • Two vendor spaces in high traffic areas with great visibility

  • An event space with patio access

  • Clubs and groups meeting rooms and storage lockers

  • Gender-neutral washrooms

  • A full-serve Starbucks

  • The TCSA office

  • The CareerSpace office

  • Peer Support

Student Centre Hours:
Monday to Sunday: 7:00am to 12:00am