TCSA Services

The TCSA is committed to providing advocacy for all students and lobbying for educational, administrative, and legislative changes in regards to issues that affect students.

We provide a variety of important services and hold campaigns, workshops, and events for all students to access. Some of our most important services include: Trent Express transit, the Trent Student Benefits Plan, a textbook consignment program, emergency funding lines, and more. Make sure you explore what we have to offer!



The TCSA administers your yearly Transit Pass, which gives you access to all Peterborough Transit routes, including the Trent Express West Bank and East Bank that operate every ten minutes during the school year. Trent Express schedules can be found on the TCSA mobile app.


The TCSA has worked to bring students an affordable, comprehensive health and dental plan to save you money. Prescription drugs, vision care, dental, specialized practitioners, and more are covered by your plan. Coverage allowances can be found in the TCSA office or on our benefits website:


The International Student Identity Card is internationally recognized as proof of full-time student status in more than 130 countries worldwide. ISIC holders receive a 25% discount on Greyhound bus fares, discounts on ViaRail and various hotel chains, and in-store and online discounts for various entertainment, software, and apparel products across Canada. Abroad, ISIC holders receive discounts on travel, accommodation, and entrance into historical and entertainment venues. ISICs are free for full-time Trent students. To find out if you are eligible or to apply, visit


The consignment book program allows students to place their used text books for sale on our shelves, and also browse our selection of used textbooks for sale at great prices.

The Consignment Book store is open during normal business hours, Monday to Friday from 9am to 6:30pm.

Click on the image to learn more.

I.M. Well APP

The I.M. Well smartphone app is a mental heath and wellness app that directly connects students to campus and community mental health resources and offers 24/7 confidential support and advice for stress and anxiety, depression, relationship and legal issues, addiction, and more more. There is always someone to talk to.

Search I.M. Well on your smartphone app store to download for free.


All TCSA members can pick up their very own 2019-2020 TCSA Agenda, free of charge, beginning the first week of September! Keep your academic and social life organized with this handy agenda created by your awesome team at the TCSA!

Be sure to pick up your copy at the TCSA office.


The 2019-2020 Student Discount Map is accessible online and through your smart phone  and features a large snapshot of the Peterborough area to identify locations where Trent students have access to important discounts.

The Student Discount Map comes complete with a legend, which shows each business and the discount they provide to Trent students.

Click here to view the discount map.


Wheelchairs, canes, and walkers are available for loan during school hours for anyone who may need assistance getting around campus. Whether it be for chronic pain, weakness, tachycardia, or anything more, we're here to help! Just come by the office to sign a waiver form.

Feel free to email for more info and if you have any questions.



The Green Plates rental program is a waste-reduction project designed to eliminate the need for disposable dishes at campus events. The program allows student groups to access complete sets of dishes for their events that include food or refreshments. We provide reusable large and small plates, bowls, glasses, silverware, and serving ware for large events, which will save student groups the cost of buying disposables and the time of washing dishes, all while reducing the impact on the environment.

To find out more information about the Green Plates rental program, or to reserve them for your event, click here.

Please complete the form and e-mail to