TCSA Contract Position: Board of Directors Chairperson/Speaker

Position Title: Chairperson/Speaker (1)

Terms of Contract:

Honoraria: $1000.00

Act as chair for all meetings of the Board of Directors, Semi-Annual General Meetings and Meetings of the Membership after appointment has been ratified by the Board of Directors.

Semi-Annual General Meetings occur the fall (1 in October) and winter semesters (1 in January or February). Dates TBD.

All Board of Directors meetings are held at 1 pm on Sunday’s throughout the 2019-2020 Academic Term. The dates are as follows:

  • 8th September 2019

  • 22nd September 2019

  • 6th October 2019

  • 3rd November 2019

  • 17th November 2019

  • 1st December 2019

  • 12th January 2020

  • 26th January 2020

  • 9th February 2020

  • 1st March 2020

  • 22nd March 2020

In the event of Special Meeting or Emergency Meeting of the Board of Directors, it is expected that the chairperson makes themselves available to conduct the business of the meeting.

Summary of tasks required:

  • Attend and chair all meetings of the Board of Directors including Semi-Annual General Meetings & Meetings of the Membership while acting in accordance with the by-laws & policies of the Association and Robert’s Rules of Order;

  • Abide by the Association’s principles, and have some knowledge of its priorities and processes;

  • Have knowledge of and act in accordance with the procedures outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order, 11th Edition.

  • Receive advisement from the Association Resource Manager and ensure the procedures within the Association’s by-laws and policies, as well as Robert’s Rules of Order, 11th Edition,  are properly observed.

  • Undertake all necessary preparations prior to the meeting such as policy review to support clear procedure being followed in the meeting and ensuring space is ready for the meeting to occur. 

Opportunity Requirements

The successful candidate will possess:

  • Experience and knowledge of chairing meetings using Robert’s Rules of Order.

  • Confidence in oral communication in large groups; speak clearly and succinctly.

  • Active listening skills.

  • A self-motivated and reliable approach.

  • Leadership skills; ability to ensure order is kept.

  • Be sensitive to the feelings of members

  • Be impartial and objective 

Application Information:

 To apply for this contract please send us a letter of interest that includes the following information:

  • Why you are interested in this position

  • Previous experience or qualifications that will assist you as a Board Chair

  • Other details that demonstrate requirements to fulfill this opportunity

Application deadline:              July 26th, 2019 @ 4pm
Application procedure:           Email to